About us

Our successful founding team of three has written an unmistakable success story by founding companies together. Following our original idea, which arose from the pandemic and the healthcare market, we are continuing our commitment in this area.


Founder and Managing Director:
Yannick Todtenhöfer

Founder and board member:
Ralf Todtenhöfer

Founder and Managing Director:
Julius Franz

Zebra Invest acts as a majority investor that invests in healthy medium-sized companies and actively contributes to growth by providing corporate resources. We also support young companies that focus on exceptional talent by providing working capital. Our approach is to pool ideas, talent, capital and resources to create an environment in which exceptional companies can thrive.

To expand our portfolio, we have successfully extended our activities to the real estate sector in order to exploit the potential of this market and contribute to the development of urban spaces. At the same time, we have expanded into logistics services in order to offer efficient and sustainable solutions for changing requirements.

Our vision goes beyond the mere establishment of companies. We strive to establish an infrastructure that creates innovative solutions in the areas of healthcare, real estate and logistics. Our goal is not only to achieve economic success, but also to make a positive contribution to society. Benefit from our many years of experience, our extensive network and our in-depth knowledge of the market.

These are our values:

Ready to perform

With a strong team spirit and a willingness to perform, we face new challenges and projects every day.

Quality over quantity

We focus on delivering high-quality results that meet the needs of our partners.

Based on partnership

Contact with our partners and customers is a matter close to our hearts.